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AJ Inspection Company

Forellendaal 295

2553 JL The Hague

The Netherlands


Mobile:  +31 (06) 24 88 5128

Tel/Fax: +31 (070) 21 11 715

E-mail: a.jousefi@gmail.com

AJ Inspection Company is a technical inspection agency based in The Hague, The Netherlands. The key to our success is our highly trained and experienced personnel. Our primary focus is to ensure our customers to be able to compete within their industries. We offer the various aspects of technical inspection such as shop inspection, site inspection & in-service inspection to a broad range of industries.  

Keeping installations in service is one of the most important subjects in the industry. Despite the fact that regular maintenance to pipelines, tanks and tubing systems is of great importance, it is not always necessary to shut down  the installation for these maintenance inspections. More and more installations are being inspected on-stream and the trend towards Risk Based Inspection is increasing more and more.

We will be there to represent you and keeping your company in smooth operation.                                                                       



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